Cycling app?

I normally just commute to work and back but I've been saying on the weekends I'm going to get out on the road. Just wandering what apps are the best for keeping track of your mileage, route, fitness? I do have a Garmin edge but its years old, don't really want to spend unless I have to.
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    Two obvious answers.
    1. Basic Strava, it is still working for me at a basic and free level.
    2. Garmin Connect.

    They are free and meet basic requirements. Other apps may be more aimed at the fitness aspect. I'll let other answer on that but you will need a heart rate monitor or power meter for measurement.
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    Sorry I've just seen a similar question that has answered my question...... 🤪
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    To be honest the fitness side calorie loss I'm not too bothered about, mainly like to see my route and too see the distance and time. Thanks pblakeney. 👍