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Magura Brake Bleed

So my sons Magura brake was a bit squishy (I think it’s an M2) so I had a go at bleeding it, followed the instructions on epic bleeds site used all the right fluids and syringes, my word what a faff why can’t they all be like shimano!!
Anyway it’s still not quite right. Am I missing a trick as I can burp shimano brakes to get the spot on, can this be done on the magura’s? I’m thinking just a syringe on the lever with a cork in the top, attach it remove the cork and pump the brake, Will this work?


  • ed1973ed1973 Posts: 113
    After a search on YouTube I have found a way which I’ll try
  • reaperactual48reaperactual48 Posts: 125
    Had a look at a YouTube tutorial yesterday. Seems very similar to Shimano except for the bleed adaptors.

    Spend a good 20 mins or so flicking the lever and tapping the hoses. If it doesn't help you could try an overnight purge. Tie lever back and leave plenty of fluid in syringe and you may get even more air bubbles out.

    Has made a difference for my Shimano bleeds in the past.
  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 1,683
    Reaper's method works, just make sure that the bubbles have the opportunity to rise all the way to the brake lever reservoir. Front brake is easy, all you need do is to tilt the bars to avoid air being trapped in a curve in the hose. Rear brake is not so simple and you may need to stand the bike on the rear wheel. Easy to do when the brake lever is zip-tied down hard.
  • ed1973ed1973 Posts: 113
    Thanks for the advice all, I’ll try them in that order see if it makes a diffence
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