Installing internal dropper cable housing...

This feels like the most impossible job ever. Needs to go into the hole on downtube near headstock, down, up into seatpost and out. Its hitting something near the bend. Ive tried: pushing cable through, that gets stuck; fitting vacuum to seatpost and pulling various strings through which could then be taped to housing and pulled through, thats not working either.
This is ridiculous, im fairly sure they didnt install this THEN weld the frame together, it obviously went in there in the factory but how the hell do you do it?


  • JBA
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    Remove the bb and it will be easier to route the cable.
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  • neilus
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    Cheers yeah that was my eureka idea, i then treaded the crank arm allen bolt so bb cant be removed :(
  • reaperactual
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    Can't you try and thread the outer from the other direction? Might find it easier to thread from the seat tube, and up through downtube towards the handlebars?