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Which bike to purchase?

I currently have an old Felt mountain bike which is ok and used on roads, farm tracks and gravel but I would quite fancy a better one! I use a bellelli child seat on the back to carry my bruiser of a son who is coming up two. I did look at a Voodoo Bizango but the clearance isn’t enough for the seat bracket against the frame and 29 inch wheels. I have a £500-£700 budget but would be open to spending less. Thanks.


  • barty9barty9 Posts: 4
    Ended up selling the Felt and buying a second hand Cube Aim which is spot on for what I am looking for.
  • Bike Limited with brake is the most unique bike for kids. This bike is very stylish and suitable for both boys and girls. A comfortable handlebar and saddle will help the child feel at the wheel of his first bike. In addition, this bike is equipped with a brake from FirstBIKE, which will help the child when driving.
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