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2016 GT Helion Pro

Hoping for some definitive answers on what the max tire width for my 2016 GT Helion Pro is. Is it the same front and rear?
I couldn't find this anywhere, thanks for your help!


  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 1,183
    Hi, you could measure the distance between the seat stays and chain stays where you tyre locates, subtract a little for clearance on either side which will give you a good idea what width tyre you could fit onto rear.

    Front tyres can probably fit a wider tyre depending on forks. You could easily find max width recommendation online for your specific forks or measure distance yourself with the same method as the rear.

    Most important thing is leaving some clearance and not going too big as frame and forks could be damaged by stones and mud build up or a buckled wheel though a broken spoke for example.
  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,438
    Everything bends and deflects too when cornering and you can easily find a rear tyre rubbing on one side during a fast corner. If you have a muddy wheel or have stones embedded in the tread, you could damage your stays, or at least remove some paint on just one corner.

    Another factor to take into account on how wide can you go is the internal rim width of your wheels. This link is very helpful with that.

    There is nothing wrong with having a wider tyre up front than the rear. It is a common configuration, or maybe the same width but the front is a gripper tread or compound. The objective is that if your tyres are going to slide out on a corner, it is always the rear first.
  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,852
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    Your Google foo is weak, @sethirafineman :)
    There is a thread HERE stating that 2.4" tyres will fit.
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