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Mavic Aksium Front Disc Wheel is tight.

Have re-bled some disc brakes and fitted new pads for a friend. Before all of this was done I noticed the front wheel, which has a thru-axle, does not run freely, when tight. It seems that when the axle is screwed through to one side of the forks and the lever is tightened, it simply tightens too much. There doesn't appear to be any adjustment on it as the wheel just rotates on the axle. No problem with the back one as it's a road skewer. No brake rub on the new pads. Is there something missing, like a washer? Thank you.


  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,420
    There is always a means of adjusting the clamping tension on a QR axle. Remove the QR and pull on the head of it. There should be a spring you are pulling against, once you have pulled it clear (not clean off, just a few mm) you will be able to twist it to alter the clamping position. Most have numbers on or marks on the axle near the QR lever to help guide you.
  • fortyonefortyone Posts: 166
    Thanks Steve - although I have reduced the tension on the lever by doing this, the wheel still isn't running completely free. If the tension on the lever is reduced right down, then that feels too slack. If the lever is not too tight, is this OK, as I know the wheel is held in by the thread on the fork (as long as there is no movement in the wheel)? Are all of this type of axle made like this, as I wonder if there are some thru axle wheels where the hub might be adjustable, as in road wheels? Thanks
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