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Hi all, I’m about to purchase this bike from the eighties for £80..
Im not an avid biker but I wanted something better and easier to ride than my heavy mountain bike and in my 70s....something that would be easier on my legs and frame.

It’s 12 speed and looks quite light ...apparently Reynolds 531...
Any info or advice welcome



  • pblakeney
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    Unless you specifically want something from that era then I wouldn't.
    There must be much more modern bikes available.
    PS - 12 speed back then was 2x6, 12 speed is now 2x12 (but more typically 2x10 or 2x11).
    The above may be fact, or fiction, I may be serious, I may be jesting.
    I am not sure. You have no chance.
    Veronese68 wrote:
    PB is the most sensible person on here.
  • Rayleeson
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    Well it’s not paid for yet...the truth is that my budget is not it’s a budget buy really...the problem is of course budget, I can’t expect to get anything half decent with £80...I know my thoughts were based around being able to bring it up to date a terms of the gears..adding a better cassette....I’m very appreciative of the advice....if others who choose to comment support that view then I’ll head the advice.

  • webboo
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    I would suspect that you will end up spending at least another £80 to get it road worthy.
    Does it need new tyres, inner tubes, new chain and cassette( it might be a block at that age) new cables and possible brake blocks. Also what state are the wheels in, out of true and worn rims.
  • Rayleeson
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    Ok well there has come up something else on my site

    This seems to reasonable...what say you....
  • Rayleeson
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    Ps...this was reviewed on bike radar...which is my source of was the Raleigh !

  • fenix
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    That Raleigh won't have 531 tubes. It's the version kids would ride to school. And 6 speed block to give 12 gears total.

    Nowadays you can get 12 speed block and that gives you 24 speeds.

    I'd probably not go for a racer unless you are used to them. It's quite a change from a MTB position.

    I'd look for a more hybrid type bike. Flat bars and no suspension.

    Just a switch to slick tyres on your MTB would be a huge improvement if you have knobblies on.
  • Rayleeson
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    Actually I had considered a hybrid so I’m very happy to here that..
    To be fair...I’ve not ridden for several years, I started running but back injuries forced me to stop so I decided to go back to biking...the reason for a racer was that I (assumed) it would be easier, the knobbly tyres on the mtb were a killer for me....
    I’ll keep looking so many Many thanks all for just taking the time to help me...