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Anyone had experience of new XT biting point wander?

Hi all,

I've seen a number of bike reviews this year criticise the latest Shimano XT brakes for having a wandering biting point. Just wondering if anyone has had experience of this, or know if it's something that's easy to fix, or whether one should avoid bikes with this set? It seems like SLX ones are fine.

Another question - I know that Shimano and SRAM's brake + gear controls fit together neatly if you have both from the same make. Is it much less neat fitting if one has a mix of Shimano and SRAM brakes and gears? I don't think I've seen a bike with a mix - just with both from the same manufacturer.


  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 822
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    Symptoms maybe similar to what happens to my SLX's. Bite point is right at top of lever stroke occasionally once I've been riding and used them a few times, instead of the normal 1/3 down towards bars.

    Had the same thing on 3 sets of different hydraulic rear brakes though!

    I asked forums a similar question myself and got various different theories of why it happens but nothing absolute.

    I didn't ask the question because they weren't safe, more curiosity than anything and brakes do always work fine so I just left it at that.
  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 822
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    Sram and Shimano brake/shifter compatibility can be overcome with after market brackets from Wolftooth and Matchmakers.

    They aren't less neat, just that the shifters usually need their own band clamp to fit separately to bars which means you don't get that 'un-cluttered' look and have less space to fit dropper levers if you need one.
  • joahjoah Posts: 23
    Thanks. Surely it is unsafe though if one time you go to squeeze the lever and it brakes way earlier than you were expecting?
  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 822
    Yes, I hear what your saying, it doesn't sound ideal but it actually feels good, controllable, solid and has never been a problem!

    That's why I was only curious to how it happens so I could make it stay like that. Still using them and very happy with their performance. Wish all brakes worked like that all the time!

    Maybe the wondering bite point you read about on reviews isn't the same as this? I will have a look at some reviews to see if it sounds similar.
  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 822
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    Looked at reviews and never had any problem with long lever throw. My rear does the 'ramped up' thing described.

    Don't think you would find out why it happens or find a fix but I wouldn't let it put you off buying bikes with these brakes.
  • joahjoah Posts: 23
    Interesting, thanks for that. Were you able to make the brakes stay like that or do they keep changing?
  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 822
    Done a full flush and bleed with proper Shimano fluid, a few lever bleeds, changed to sintered pads, 203mm RT66's front and RT66 180mm rear, re set caliper position which is always set up bang on and made no difference.

    Only thing I haven't looked into or done anything with is hoses but are fine, no leaks. Sorted out a slightly sticky outboard piston on rear, just dirt build up, all good.

    Fronts work great with 100% constant lever throw. Rears work great also with about 85% consistency and except for this 'ramp up' they have never needed to be pumped and feel is always the same and so is 'normal' bite point.
  • joahjoah Posts: 23
    Thanks for that. That's good to know.
  • steelosteelo Posts: 541
    I've always had Shimano shifters and SRAM brakes, never had an issue. Personally I prefer separate units as it's easier to replace/upgrade one or the other as and when it's needed.

    With regards to bite point, this will change as you bed-in brake pads and through general wear and tear. If the bite point changes drastically through a ride then maybe have them checked for leaking fluid - although that should be obvious!
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