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selling mountain bike.

hi bit of a daft question. im selling my hardtail bike on gumtree. its first time ive done this. whats the normal procedure. im selling it at £280, so if someone wants a test ride etc then they will give me full amount in cash first obviously ? then negotiate price?


  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,438
    Unless they hand over the cash, or something that is worth more than the bike, then don't let them ride away on it!! You may never see it again! Don't even accept his credit card as that may have been stolen. Sadly when it comes to bikes the world is full of crooks! :(

    As someone rode away on my bike, I asked the guy who had been stood next to him while we were discussing the bike how long he'd known him. The answer chilled my blood "I've never seen him before!"

    I was lucky that day. The "mate" was indeed just a nosy bystander and the guy on my bike returned. All was well, but it was a powerful lesson; don't make assumptions!!!

    You may not feel able to do this, but it is what eBay advise when selling a bike (by the way never post a bike to someone you do not know, even if they have paid in advance). I sold two bikes for about £2000 each and this is what I did. Neither buyer had any problem with it at all.

    Get them to sign a piece of paper that you provide. It should have the description of the bike (your advert for ex), and a short sentence saying something like:

    " I....(his name)...... have seen and tested the above bike to my satisfaction and I am happy that the bike is "as described". I have paid the agreed sum of £..............

    To be absolutely spot on you could have on the bottom half of the paper a receipt from you that acknowledges the payment of £....... and then sign it and tear it off and give it to him.

    This protects you from him later saying it is faulty. It protects him from you accusing him of having stolen it. It is his proof of ownership. Emphasise the latter.
    Don't forget to take a pen, not a pencil!
  • scooter15scooter15 Posts: 41
    wow that was interesting. thanks for the tips steve. all taken on board. guy is coming round to collect tomorrow morning. i posted on gumtree had like 20 individual people messaging me. some did low ball at like £200 but. good idea with the signing the paper and what not. but i do have a screenshot of all the messages sent and i said the price is fixed and he agreed so its both our words so to speak.
  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,438
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    Screenshots and so forth are useless unless the screenshot data can be tied to the individual in question. The internet is a very useful tool, part of normal life etc, but it is a fantastic tool for fraud and misbehaviour because it is anonymous! Who are you "scooter15"? I have no idea where you live, how old you are, not even whether male or female. You might be a black belt martial arts fanatic with a loose moral code when it comes to other people's property!

    Even mobile phone numbers are of no use because they could have been stolen!

    Cash on collection is the best way to go, or sale to someone easily identifiable, or someone that you know. Meet in a public place well attended by others. When you go to the meet, take a friend to back you up.

    Here's another tip: Once the transaction is done, get him to pose with the bike and take his photo "to capture the moment". Tell him you will send him a copy. :)

    Don't worry, a high % of these deals are completely without any drama. But if you don't take precautions it could be you!

    Edit: You have taken a copy of the bike's frame number haven't you? o:)
  • scooter15scooter15 Posts: 41
    hi, deal went well, was pishing down rain. anyways met at neutral location. says wanted bike for his younger brother. told him everything about the bike. wanted a test ride up and down the road said ok gave me full amount of cash. cycled about said all good and then said good luck all the best. then he put in back of his car drove off. im now in the market for new hardtail under £500 quid. any recomendations in your opinion?
  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,438
    Don't buy a new one, buy a previously loved one!

    The market for bikes has gone made during lockdown, everyone wants one and the bike shops will not be doing any deals.

    But when lockdown is over there will be loads of used bikes on the market. :)
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