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H11 shifters + Potenza HO derailleurs

ttdttd Posts: 15

one quick question: is it possible to use Campagnolo H11 shifters with Potenza HO derailleurs?

I've accumulated all H11 parts but I'm still looking for derailleurs. Chorus HO are crazy expensive so I'm wondering whether or not Potenza derailleurs would work (or maybe even Centaur front).


- H11 parts (shifters, brakes and crankset) were meant for CH, R and SR only.
- Potenza disc groupset has its own shifters. Campagnolo doesn't recommend using H11 with Potenza HO.
- H11 shifters have Ultra Shift mechanisms
- Potenza HO shifters have Power Shift mechanisms

As all Campagnolo users know Campag guys often say something is incompatible (on paper) but in practice works perfectly fine. That's why I'm asking about H11+Potenza HO.

I'd be really grateful for advice.


  • Hi

    I'm sure the Potenza HO mechs will work absolutely fine but I haven't tried.

    What may be of use for you to know also is that using standard (i.e. non HO mechs) also works absolutely fine with H11 shifters. I have been running a standard Chorus rear and front mech with H11 shifters for a year or so now. I also have a HO rear mech and there is absolutely no difference. I have both due to running different gearing - one is standard cage and the other medium.
  • ttdttd Posts: 15
    edited May 2020
    Thank you! This is exactly what I needed!

    One more quick question:

    - Do you think Campagnolo Record RD15-RE1 will work with my H11 parts? I'm asking mainly because it's a 2015 model.

    And also I've read somewhere that all 2018 rear models are HO by default and without "HO" marking.

    So, to make it all 100% clear: if 2018 rear mechs are indeed HO by default they're "safe", so to speak.
    But I'm planning to buy Record RD15-RE1. From what you say there shouldn't be any compatibility problems?

  • My standard Chorus rear mech is pre-2018 so I see no reason why the Record version you're looking at won't work absolutely fine. Interestingly, the only difference I can see in the parts catalogue between 2015 and 2018 parts on the Record rear mech is the b-adjustment screw ratchet ring; all other part numbers are the same.
  • ttdttd Posts: 15
    OK, thanks. Everything clear now.
  • I have the Potenza groupset but not with hydraulic brakes. The bike came with cable actuated disc brakes. If I upgrade to Potenza Hydraulic brakes would I need to upgrade to HO cranks/chainrings and derailleurs or would the "standard" Potenza derailleurs and cranks/chainrings still work?
  • I assume by Potenza hydraulic brakes you mean the shifters as well as hoses and calipers.
    You don't necessarily need to have a HO chainset. So long as you're not cross-chaining in the small chainring you shouldn't have any issue. If you do you will may well get some chain pick up/clash from the outer ring.
    You don't need HO derailleurs either as the standard will work as per my comment above.
    Let us know how you get on.
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