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Halo, can I put 28x1.75 mountain bike tyre on my road bike wheel size. 28x1.5- 1.95. 622 x21c. Cheers ,bob


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    Although ETRTO622 is 28" it is more commonly referred to as 700c for road bike wheels and tyres. Confusingly 29" MTB tyres have the same inner diameter as 700c road tyres and are interchangeable.

    You can fit 29" MTB tyres to your rims but you will have to check the clearance you have at the forks, seat stays and chain stays.

    Out of interest, why do you want to fit MTB tyres to a road bike?
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    I have found this to be a useful guide.

    Read the words and page down to the relevant table.

    Do not forget JBA's advice to check clearance with your bike.
    Also, do not cut the clearance too fine! Your bike bends and deflects under load (especially when cornering), so tyres can rub on the seat and chain stays. Also stones get trapped in the tread and get carried round and can impact the seat stay brace. By "impact" I mean wear right through the paint and beyond in a few hundred yards. If you are running close, stick some bike tape or protective patches onto the at-risk areas as a tell tale and keep your eye on them.
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