Pub bike build.

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I’m building up a trick little pub/gym/shop bike using a Boardman frame. I’d like to keep costs and maintenance down and so I’d like to have a 1x10 gearset.
Can I get a cheapie Tiagra double chainset off eBay and remove the smaller chainring or will it only work with both chainrings on it?


  • fenix
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    You could do that but you might find yourself overgeared with just the big ring available.

    There's not much extra cost in having a front mech.
  • junglist_matty
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    Do you really need gears for a bike whose goal is to "keep costs and maintenance down"?

    What gearing bits have you already got (i.e. cassette, derailuer, front mech, chain, shifters)?

    Tiagra 4700 chainset options:
    * compact (50/34)
    * double (52/36)
    * triple (50/39/30)

    The problem you have is that a 50 or 52T front ring is too big for a general use bike, you're gear ratios will be too high (i.e. hard), you'll struggle to accelerate but once up to speed you'd be fine. Considering you've put "I want to build a general use bike", this seems a bit stpuid, acceleration is something I'd envisage you'll do a lot of for "general around town riding".

    The other consideration is that paring a big ring with the lower (easier-to-pedal) gears of a cassette will result in a horrible chainline that increases wear on your chain, cassettte and chainring - something you want to avoid on a "general use bike".
  • junglist_matty
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    By the way, to answer your question "will it work with just one ring"? Yes, it will work, but without a chain guide or front mech to keep your chain guided on the ring you'll suffer from dropped chains (a lot). You'll especially encounter problems when using the big ring with the big cassette cogs - if you do use a mech or guide, the chain will most likely grind on the guide as the chainline will be terrible.
  • darrell1967
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    Thanks for the info there.
    In the long run I’ll be better off using normal 2x10 set-up.

  • veronese68
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    Use a narrow/wide chain ring and you shouldn't suffer chain drop and you can get a more appropriate size. But then you're spending money again.
  • joe_totale-2
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    I agree with above, unless you've already got several groupset parts lying around I'd save your money and make it a single speed.
    Also means there's less maintenance to do.
  • fenix
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    How far will you be cycling ? What terrain?

    And if you're leaving it locked up outside all these places just buy a cheap second hand bike whatever it is.