Advice please.Chain slipping in higher gears

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Fitted a new chain on my road bike.But it keeps slipping in the higher gears.The cassette is in good condition so is the chain ring.It's not doing it all the time but enough to annoy me plus it won't do the bike any good.Advice please.


  • Cassette and rings need changing.
  • skwarczek
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    New bike time?
  • reaperactual
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    Cassette and rings need changing.

    New chain skipping over older cogs shows original chain has 'stretched' and worn the cogs teeth along with it.

    When you put a new chain on worn cogs it doesn't mesh together properly with new 'un-stretched' chain's (shorter) pins and rollers distance.
  • david37
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    i wouldnt change the chain rings, just the cassette. then see.
  • reaperactual
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    i wouldnt change the chain rings, just the cassette. then see.

    Yeah, good advice. Chain rings have more chain wrap and unlikely to skip unless really worn.

    I've had two chain and cassette replacements before needing to buy new chain rings.

    Although worn front rings could accelerate new chain wear and consequently cassettes wear too, I haven't noticed any pre-premature wear overall.

  • i.bhamra
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    Please don't buy any new parts until you've at least checked, chain length is good, it's on the right way if directional, there are no sticky links, pin/quick link is installed correctly, adjustment of rear mech is right, it's properly alligned and the mech and cassette are relatively clean.
  • shaun1961
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    Thanks for the input fellas.Fitted new cassette, indexing nicely.Going for a ride in the morning.Fingers crossed.