Restoring STI Hood Rubbers

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With time on my hands I've started to restore my old GT ZR 1.0 back to road-worthiness.
I built the bike up after sourcing a proper team-issue frame, as ridden by the Lotto team, from America. After being raced and then relegated to training bike duties it got put in the garage loft and left to fester. It has started to clean up pretty well but the rubber hoods on the DA shifters are horrible and tacky. I wonder if there's a way to deal with this ? They don't show too much visible wear so it would be nice to not just bin them and I'm not even sure how easy it would be to source suitable replacements if it came to that - are 105 and Ultegra ones of near 20 years ago the same ?


  • I was once told that glycerine would work. Never tried it, but might be worth trying a small area.
  • andyrr
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    Ok thanks, will do a bit more research - think if I can ID the hoods and check for compatibility with other models they shouldn't be too hard to find replacements at worst.
  • harry-s
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    You could try one of the plastic and rubber cleaners/restorers that gets used for car valeting. Autoglym do a good one.