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Replacement tyres for my Scott Genius 30 - 2010 model

Hi there,

I am after some advice with regard to changing the tyres on my Scott Genius 30 - 2010 model, which are starting to be worn.

The tyres that are currently fitted are what came with the bike: Schwalbe Nobby Nic - 26x2.25.

I have been very happy with these tyres, and happy to stay with Schwalbe, but looking on their website, there are many different models! Would anyone be able to recommend which would be best to buy? I usually travel on canal paths / little bit of off-roading, but in the current climate, I am traveling on roads a lot as they are less busy and it is easier to maintain 2 metre distance.

One other question... would it be beneficial to go to a narrow tyre since I am not doing extreme off-roading?

Thank you in advance for any advice anyone can give.


  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,656
    If you are mainly riding on the road then it makes sense to go for something narrower and less grippy.
    If you want to stay with Schwalbe then have a look at the Rocket Ron.
    Another couple of decent options are the Specialized Ground Control or Fast Trak.
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  • I'm riding similar terrain and just fitted Kenda Small Block 8, great tyres. Find them good on the road not too noisy like some MTB tyres I've had in the past, decent enough grip for some light off road in the dry.

    Picked them up cheap £30 a pair from Bikeinn, this was the 26x2.1 wire bead version. Although they are only 2.1 they look quite a big tyre.

    Did take a couple of weeks to arrive from Europe, but no complaints at that price.
  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 633
    My bike came fitted with the same width (2.4) tyres but the front was a knobbly tread pattern for great off road grip.

    The rear was described as a 'semi slick' which was an off-road tyre but had small, tightly packed knobbles along the centre. I found this combination was a great compromise for both road and off road riding.

    Bike was quiet, fast and smooth rolling on road surfaces and loose back end fun on the rough stuff.

    Front:- WTB Trail Boss and rear:- WTB Riddler. Generally lots of brands do these varying tread patterns (in all widths) and worth a look into this sort of alternative front/rear combo to achieve a good set up that may suit your needs.
  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,020
    Whatever you end up buying make sure that the front tyre has more grip than the rear. When cornering, if something is going to slide out, the last thing you want if the front to go! You will go down, hard! But of the rear slides out it is usually recoverable and actually can be all part of the fun. You can initiate rear wheel slide out to get round the corner a bit faster.
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