1997 Quintana Roo TeQuilo

Greetings all. Current events - shop closures - have led me to take up the next level of DIY bike maintenance. As such, I still have my first tri bike, a `97 TeQuilo with Syntace bars, Veolcity Deep-V 650c rims, Lightspeed rings/cranks, Illuminaero forks and aluminum frame, and Dura-Ace drive train and brakes. While it still rolls well, I thought I'd have a go at tuning it full up. I contacted QR and they have no information on this model any longer. Before I get in over my head - I'm only a wannabe bike tech - I hope somebody out there may have a build list or other guidance for me to know before I start what tools, replacement parts (like: bearings) and so on to expect or order as replacements to keep this classic as authentic as is possible.