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Apologies for my ignorance! I’m relatively new to cycling and established now that I am riding a road bike that is a little too big for me after reading about “step over” heights. I’ve been looking at new bikes but none seem to show this dimension on their geometry tables/ diagrams. Am I missing something?


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    Stand over height - as in clearance over the top tube when you are stood astride it? What have you read and why do you think your bike is too big ?
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    Step over height matters more off road as you stop more and you don't want to bollock yourself on the top tube.

    On road less of an issue as you usually lean the bike over ?

    That said my top tube is nowhere near my crotch when I stop.

    Is your saddle right down ?
  • There are plenty of good YouTube videos on ensuring the bike is set up correctly for you, take a look at GCN about working out the correct saddle heights.
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    Most sellers will have a suggested height range for each size of frame. I would use this as a starting point and then compare the measurements from the geometry table against your own bike. If you feel your current bike is on the large side then maybe look at the model that has slightly smaller dimensions. Unfortunately, it is not always this straightforward as there are different body shapes characteristics - long legs, short body etc. Generally speaking it is easier to make a "slightly too small" frame fit than a "slightly too large" frame. Stems can be swapped for instance to increase or decrease the reach but be careful of going too short otherwise the handling will be compromised.
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