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Shimano shifter query

I have a fairly ancient Carrera Subway 2 and have recently replaced the chain, rear cassette and both front chain rings. The configuration of the bike is 16 speed, so 8 on rear 2 rings on front.

It has a three speed shifter on the front, so I was wondering whether it's common to use a three speed shifter when you've only got a two speed chainring? Also when I'm setting it all up should the derailleur only move across to number 2 on the shifter, or should I set it up so that I don't use position 2 at all on the shifter and moves from 1 straight to 3 ?

Hope this makes sense!


  • lesfirthlesfirth Posts: 1,381
    Use shifter positions for small and middle rings. Set the outer limit screw to stop the shifter moving to big ring position.
  • adamzworldadamzworld Posts: 29
    edited May 2020
    Thanks Les, when I've tried adjusting the front derailleur before there always seems a lot of resistance in the lever when shifting from the smaller chainring to the large one. I guess that by setting it up so that I'm moving from small to middle ring on the shifter will make it easier to change up.
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