29er Standover too tall

We've had our 29ers for over 5 years now. They're nothing great (Cube Aim) but do have hydraulic disk brakes. I'm happy with mine, it does everything I want to do - some trails, but nothing complex. My wife's is the same, the bikes capability is greater than the riders ...
However, she has issues with the standover height - the cross bar is too high.
Not really wanting to get (yet) another bike. Is there any sense in changing the wheels for either 27.5 or 26s? It would reduce the standover and as it's not rim brakes, it's technically possible - but is it sensible?


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    It will lower the BB and you’ll increase the chance of pedal strikes over lumps and bumps and during cornering.

    A 27.5 wheel will lower the top tube by circa 3/4” and a 26” wheel by 1 1/4”.

    Given the costs of a pair of wheels and tyres, wouldn’t a reframe to something that will suite her better be more sensible?

    Is the frame size right (reach and stack) or could she also do with going down a size?
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    reach and stack seem about right (considering we're mainly road riders) - it's purely the standover height - at the time of purchase it seemed a reasonable buy - as all we wanted it for was some off road / trail riding in the new forest - but since then we've had Little Slowbike come along and at nearly 5, he's progressing quickly ... his MTB is better specced than ours!
    But it's the stop/start nature of our riding that is tricky with the standover.

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    If you're cycling with your child then I'd just get a new set of wheels.

    If she was racing with her bike then I'd say get a new bike.

    Your plan seems just fine.
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    Could a change to a pair of MTB/tourer shoes with thicker walking tread and possible consequent change to 2-bolt pedals be enough to solve the issue?

    A very quick look came up with £60 for the rear wheel only of https://www.merlincycles.com/shimano-deore-mach-mtb-wheel-sale-26-54304.html to make the bike a 69er , although how much drop that would give you changing the rear alone I don't know and it would the frame/fork angles a bit.

    My Voodoo is technically a 26" wheel fatbike, but I soon bought a pair of 29er wheels for it, which made commuting far less of a chore and actually made the bike quite light considering its original ~16.5Kg along with a few other "upgrades" (down to ~10.5Kg).
    However, I think the 29er wheel freehub has been borked for a few months, so I've been riding with a 29er front wheel (and 2.35" G One Speed) with the 26" fat rear wheel (and 4" Jumbo Jim) for a while now. It's noticeably heavier (~14.5Kg) and much more of a slog up the hill home, but any geometry changes don't feel unusual while riding it on the road.
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    It's certainly not for racing - just pottering around with a (not quite) 5yo plus some solo stuff marginally quicker ...

    she has a pair of MTB shoes with some reasonable pedals - don't want to change to cleated.