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Tubeless tyres recommendation 27.5 2.25

I have a Boardman Hardtail on 27.5 2.25 Vittoria Barzo's (rims are tubeless ready). (Inner rim width 20mm, outer 25mm)

I am looking at going tubeless and have been looking at Maxxis, Continental and Schwalbe. Are there any other brands i should consider?

I ride mainly on local trails and (and some tarmac to get there) and want a bit of an all rounder if poss (when its dry and for when its wet?)

I am just researching at the moment, i understand it may be better to go with a more grippy tyre up front and faster tougher tyre at the back.

Any recommendations greatly appreciated (bearing in mind the size i can have on my rims)



  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,124
    If you are happy with the tyres you have right now you can go tubeless with them. You do not need specific tubeless tyres. Either use the tyres you have now or if you need some new tyres just get the ones you believe will suit the trails you ride and fit them.

    The original tubeless tyre introduced by Mavic required no sealant to hold air, but was still subject to a puncture and subsequent deflation. So people started putting sealant in them to stop the punctured tyre going flat. People quickly tried sealant in ordinary tyres, and as long as the tyres were not super lightweight with very thin casings, it worked! :)

    So, all you need is a pair of tubeless valves and some sealant. I recommend a latex sealant because latex sealants are very good at sealing the tyre walls. "Stans" come highly recommended, but there are others that are all very good. Google how to go tubeless and you will not be short of advice.

    Going tubeless for the first time is harder than the experts make it look, but a lot easier than an unprepared beginner makes it look!

    Warning! Do not assume that you will be able to inflate a brand new tyre tubeless with just your mini pump, or even a car tyre foot pump! I struggle even with a good quality track pump! I have come close to a heart attack trying to get the beads of a new tyre engaged. Some inflate with a tube as normal, then undo one side to remove the tube, insert the valve, add sealant, push the bead back in, and then pump away! I have tried that technique and others. Eventually I bought an Airshot tubeless tyre inflater, job done!!

    If you get stuck, we are here! :)
  • mickowlmickowl Posts: 15
    Cheers again for your help mate.

    I tried to find out if the Barzos were tubeless ready but cant see to confirm it anywhere? So you are saying they dont need to be TLR? The rims are def TLR so no need to mess about with tape.

    Suppose can give it a try and always chuck the tubes back in.

    I have watched loads of videos how to go tubeless so think will be ok when it comes to it (GMBN videos)

    I need to invest in a track pump anyway, those with the attached cannisters are good that release all the air at once. My mate has a compressor which would be easier too.

  • mickowlmickowl Posts: 15
    What would be the widest tyres i can use (inner rim width 20mm)? Some tyres dont specity 2.25 as a size. Would 2.3 be ok or better to go for 2.2?
  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,124
    This guide from WTB is excellent! Store it somewhere.

    Page down until you get to the guide for mtb.

    It says that 54mm (2.1") is the widest tyre for optimal performance, but that 58mm (2.3" is in the middle of the compatible zone for a 20mm internal rim width.

    But don't go too low with your tyre pressure, or you risk the tyre rolling off the rim on corners. Go from how it feels. Start with the tyre pressure you already have and work from there. Do not assume that it will automatically feel better with lower pressure as you have lost the support to the sidewalls that the tube gave you.

    This is good too:

    Read the words, watch the video.
  • mickowlmickowl Posts: 15
    Thank you mate, the table is exactly what i needed
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