BB30A, enough spindle length?

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Hi all.
Getting a headache and tying myself in probably ott knots.
Couple of years ago I fitted a Sugino BSA BB and OX901D to my Spa Audax, no problems, effectively just upgrading components, no conversions required, easy as.

Want to do something similar now to my 2016 Cannondale Synapse.
So, plan was to fit a Sugino Power Converter BB30A to IDS24, that would nicely reduce the spindle diameter and take out any BB30A creaks, rattles and hums.
Then either another OX901D 48/32 or a Shimano GRX 2x11 48/31 chainset.

But then little devil whispered doubts in my ears.
Fitting the Sugino and moving the BB bearings outboard just aligns to Shimano practice, so no problem there I believe.
Its that extra 5mm width of the BB30A and its possible effect on the required length versus the actual length of either the OX901D or GRX 2x11 spindles - would they be long enough, does that 5mm need to be considered a deal breaker?

Sugino tech support appear to have said no problem, (mildly unsure if my enquiry was clear enough), just need some advice regarding the possible use of the GRX.

Regards, Mark.


  • mdbuttie
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    Hi Joe, thanks for the info.
    I was aware of both your suggested options from earlier research.
    However, they both appear to be press-fit adaptors into the existing internally mounted bearings of the BB30A, and consequently do not appear to add as much width in total.
    The Sugino is in effect a new BB, removing the internal bearings and mounting them externally in full size cups, thus I believe adding more width in total than either the Wheels or FSA adaptors.
    It is the combo of this and the 'natural' extra 5mm of the BB30A that is my concern regarding the GRX spindle length.

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    Given that the Sugino BB is made specifically for BB30a and there's a separate one for BB30 I don't see what the issue is unless you don't trust Sugino in which case buy one from someone else like C-Bear or a Token Ninja.