Di2 SM-PCE02

Anyone actually got one of these?

I'll re-phrase that- anyone actually got one of these, and would consider loaning it out for a few days at-cost?

I'd take the bike in question up to the local Di2 Service Centre, but they're only accepting new bike pick-ups presently, and not taking on workshop jobs.

Trying to figure out if it's actually my battery that's kaputt, or something putting excessive drain on the battery. I'd like to try get more of an idea before I a) order a new battery, or b) disassemble the whole etube loop...


  • teebs_123
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    What are your issues with the excessive battery drain? I had one recently and managed to sort it without going into a shop..
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  • Charges to-full, but then is dead couple of days later- even if bike isn't used.

    It's not exactly a new battery I must admit, but it hasn't had many charge cycles at all. It's the older non-BT internal version.

    All connections are OK in etubes, but obvs can't run the additional error checks without the module.
  • Sutton_Rider
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    With a full battery each time have you tried unplugging one thing at a time and checking the battery state after a couple of days? You may be able to isolate the problem that way.
  • Yeah, I guess I was gearing-up to do the process of elimination thing. Di2 service centre was preferable for ease/ speed, but they're not playing at the minute...
  • teebs_123
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    OK - I had an issue where it was discharging over a few days - turned out to be the rear mech was stuck trying to get into the gear combo of 34/13 and 34/11. The newer Di2 systems (R8050) block out the small/small combo to prevent cross-chaning.

    Sounds like this isn't the issue, sorry.
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  • Another interesting observation.....

    Noticed this a few times now, but plugged the system in to charge (USB/ Laptop), and the power brick shows in charging state for a while BUT then the both red and green lights illuminate briefly on junction box, then GREEN light flashes consecutively for 9-10 times, after which it stops and the "ERROR", light on the power brick illuminates.

    Searched online, but can't find the meaning of this 9-10 green flashing sequence....