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bike to ebike

rich grich g Posts: 124
I have a Boardman Hybrid and would like to convert it to electric,are there places that do conversions ?
If not is it easy to to do myself if so can someone recommend a kit.


  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    Not done it myself but there is a company swytchbikes selling kits.

    Plenty of reviews around and on YouTube looks pretty simple.
  • kwozzymodokwozzymodo Posts: 44
    If you like riding the Boardman, get a rear wheel hub motor kit and fit it yourself. There are only 5 parts; hub motor, controller, pedal assist sensor, handlebar display and battery. The kit will cost between £150-200 and the battery £150-ish. A 36v 10.4ah battery should give you a range of 30 miles or so, at 15mph.

    You can buy kits from China/ebay, etc., but if things go wrong, after-sales can be a bit hit or miss. There are plenty of UK suppliers that can offer the kit and after sales support.
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