Badly damaged right side rear cup and cone

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Good evening

I was running my bike with a loose rear hub, and suddenly the hub completely sieuzed, upon inspection I found pitting and damage on both the cup and the cone of the rear drive side bearing.

1-is the rear right side cup a part of the hub itself or a part of the freehub? Will replacing the freehub mean that I will have a new cup included?
Or will I have to buy a whole new hub?

2- how do I find the correct parts for my specific bike?
Bike is cube attain race disc 2019 with cube hubs and alexrims rim, how can I find the correct freehub for my bike? I have a shimano tiagra cassette, does that mean that I would also have a shimano freehub?

Thanks for your help


  • photonic69
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    Identifying Freehubs from a factory fit wheel can be a nightmare! Best bet is to remove the cassette and see if there is any code or identification on the freehub body. If so google it. You’ll also need to remove the freehub to see what thread it has. Some are coarse and some are fine. Also the indents that mesh the freehub to the hub need to match. Sometimes it is impossible. Sometimes you can. I did for my son’s Cannondale. The cup on the freehub body became pitted so managed to source a new one from a dedicated Cannondale spares online shop. They sent the wrong threaded one at first but quickly remedied this for me. A generic rear axle with cones could work as long as the cone parts are a similar length. You might have to reuse your existing locknuts and washers as some have grooves to take rubber weather seals etc

    Good luck. Happy hunting.

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