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During lockdown I have acquired a Cube Peloton road bike which is in awful condition that I would like to try and get back on the road. The only issue is that the headset seems to be seized onto the forks and won’t budge. The spacers were quite tough to get off (all of the chalky corrosion) but the FSA top sleeve won’t budge!!! Any ideas/hints/tips please??!!


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    As above.
    Cut it off.
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    I had to leave this job for a while and have got back to it today and the headset is off. The condition of everything isn’t great. The steerer tube isn’t smooth and the inside of the head tube doesn’t look great either. Is this common for a neglected bike (have never seen one this bad before) and does it need much work doing to it? Will it be ok with a bit of a rub down and new headset?

  • If that bike came into the shop we might make that sucking sound that it's going to cost you.

    The steerer tube needs light sanding and then return to smooth finish. That's a lot of work. If the od is reduced or made not round then the fork is scrap. So Buy a new fork.

    Ideally you would ream the bb shell.

    I think the frame is scrap. Not everything is worth saving and some projects should not even start. The paint is in poor condition too.

    We had a bike in recently with a steerer tube in similar condition. It took two mechanics lots of plus gas, a lump hammer to free the spacers,stem and headset top cap from the steerer. An angle grinder shortened the deformed steerer before cutting properly. It was an hours work and that before we found the mindset. Yes that fucked with our heads. What is it, it's stupid that what it is and barely available.

    The steerer did not have the corrosion yours has though so it was saveable. pitted steerersare more likely to fail.

    This sort of corrosion is only normal for neglected bicycles. Walk away from these unless they are free. there owners dont deserve anything as a reward for there cruelty.

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    TL: DR

    It’s f**ked. Bin it.
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    BIN, unless you just want to mess around in the shed. which can be a worthwhile exercise but it will take loads of time, lots of cash and youll still end up with a bit of a dog.