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Hi guys I'm a newbie to mtb and looking at getting a hardtail..
I'm 39 6ft2 and currently 155kg iv always been a big chap as iv always done a lot of strongman training and my concern is my weight but really want to start riding for my cardio and shed some body weight especially in this lockdown situation. Little bit para on judgment and some of my local shops and there telling me I'm to heavy but recently had a search with giant bikes and apparently they will take 161kg including luggage...I'll be riding around the roads and canal paths......basically looking for a little help and info on the situation please?
Cheers Dave


  • tobiasgarrudtobiasgarrud Posts: 18
    For roads and canal paths most bikes I'd think would be fine, as mountain bikes are made to the impacts from jumps and drop offs they'll be more robust than hybrid and road bikes.

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