removing paint?

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hi folks. i bought a frame off flea bay and it was described as being a specific colour. soon after it arrived i realised that someone had painted over the original colour. the frame was originally red/white over carbon.. and it was painted orange/blue (madison colours).. the red/white are the only bits that has been painted. How can i safely remove it? i tried to upload a pic from flickr but seems the proccess has changed..


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    Sounds like this is a carbon frame? If so I would be careful of using chemical strippers (Nitromors etc), Maybe very careful sanding back to the original then polish over?

    Personally rather than try and remove certain elements of the paint I would just flat back the entire frame with 80/120/200 grit wet and dry sandpaper and re-spray using a decent water based primer.

    I met a bloke at a club ride some months ago who got his frame vinyl wrapped for £150 at a local sign writing place and it looked pretty slick - Purple/green flip carbon weave might be worth considering, You can also get the water transfer thing done too for not a huge amount.

    Failing that Argos (not the superstore) will do you a new paintjob but it would cost ££
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    Argos isnt what it was, but yes the process can be done all of those ways above. the very best finish requires some serious effort and time with the wet and dry sandpaper.

    Bike frames are pretty tough things.