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Chain Length

I recently thought my chain was slightly too long and removed a link. Now it seems slightly too short. When this happens, ie a half link one way or the other, is it better to be left longer or shorter by a half link? I am running oval chainrings if that makes any difference. Thanks.


  • lesfirthlesfirth Posts: 1,356
    If we knew why you thought your chain was too long or too short it would be easier to advise you.
  • drexel1975drexel1975 Posts: 70
    I could hear it bouncing about when I was on the small ring and middle of the block.
  • dowtchadowtcha Posts: 440
    Really don't know how one link can go from too long to too short. Is this the original chain? If it's new did you measure it against the old one?
  • akhakh Posts: 198
    I've been riding oval rings for more than a year. Maybe your rings are more oval than mine, but the eccentricity isn't enough to change how I've sized the chain compared to round rings. I followed the standard guidance and have been fine ever since.

    If your chain was too long I'd have thought the problem would manifest in small/small. A link either way is probably within margin of error if you're starting position is reasonable. Shimano advise longer if between two links from memory. Common sense suggests you can shorten an overly long chain more easily than lengthen a too short chain.
  • drexel1975drexel1975 Posts: 70
    I've got a new chain coming and will size the chain using the big big method omitting the rear derailleur. Probably just a brain fart that made me think the chain was too long. I'll no for sure once I size the new one. Thanks for the advice.
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