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Putting hybrid tyres on my MTB


I’ve got a Carrera Vengeance I use mainly for a little bit of fitness, 2/3 rides a week. Just before lock down we moved house and now the main routes I’ve found are out on country roads compared to the canal towpath and woodland at my old place.

Ideally I’d buy a road bike but times are hard so thought of switching my tyres to more hybrid style ones. Thinner/slicker/faster/easier to ride with on roads etc

I’m struggling with the sizes I need, my tyres are Kenda K1027 and the numbers on the side are 52-584 (650x52B) (27.5x2.10)

I’m guessing I just need some 27.5 tyres that are thinner than 2.1 inch but what are the other numbers?!
A quick google of 27.5 hybrid tyres finds these
Would they do?
Can anyone recommend any others?

Thanks for the help


  • 650 x 52 will be 27.5"x2.1" in mm. Not sure about the other numbers, but i believe they're a standardized sizing system for tyre, just not one I've ever used as i usually go by what size wheels i've got and what i want from the tyre.

    The tyres you linked would be fine. I'm also looking for some road biased tyres for my MTB when it's doing commuting duties.

    I can recommend schwalbe marathon (put some on my GFs hybrid years ago, still fine and good for not getting punctures) e.g.

    I'm thinking for trying Schwalbe Big Ben tyres but not decided yet.

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  • benish7benish7 Posts: 6
    Awesome, thanks for the help!

    I’ll get the Bike hut ones as I’ve found them at Halfords and can click and collect. It’s just down the road.

    I’ll report back on how I find them.
  • parmosparmos Posts: 100
    on my MTB years ago when i commuted i just put on some semi slicks and it made the world of difference
  • mrfpbmrfpb Posts: 4,569
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    52-584 is the ISO number. This is the most reliable. A tyre with the 584 bit will fit, other sizes won't.

    This is really helpful:
  • benish7benish7 Posts: 6
    I collected the tyres today and the bloke at the desk in the doorway said I’d need a new set of tubes. He found some that he said were right in the back and packageless. They were 700c x 1 1/4

    I got home and they look a fair bit bigger than the tyre so I’m not sure they’re going to fit? Any advice?

    The tubes in my bike are 27.5 2.10-2.35 , and these are the ones commonly bought together with the bike hut tyres on the Halfords website.

    Will these new 1.75 tyres be ok with 2.1 tubes?!
  • mrfpbmrfpb Posts: 4,569
    700c tubes won't go with 27.5 tyres. Your current tubes won't be the best fit, but they will be better than a 700c tyre until you get some better fitting ones for 27.5 tyres.
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