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Kids Frog bike - chain coming off

My 5 year old's Frog bike keeps dropping its chain.

Its pretty dry, but looks quite baggy... not put the measuring tool on it yet but would guess it has stretched over the past 1.5 years.

What's the likely best course of action?

1. Replace chain?
2. Cassette as well?
3. Just give it some oil?
4. remove a link?
5. something else?


  • AdamC123AdamC123 Posts: 14
    just measured the chain. The .5 side fits in perfectly. The .7 side wouldn't fit.
  • alan_shermanalan_sherman Posts: 1,157
    Single speed? Just adjust the tension by moving the wheel back a bit for now to keep you moving. And lube it.

    If the chain is stretched order a new one (I'm not familiar with your measurements). The chain would be cheap - it might wear / stretch a bit quicker on worn cogs but I'd do that before changing the cogs. He'll have outgrown it first.

    Oil it more in future!
  • AdamC123AdamC123 Posts: 14
    Moving the wheel back?

    Not tried yet but was wondering whether this might be possible for other reasons.

    Couldn't find any info about this online but will give it a shot.

    Nice idea.
  • AdamC123AdamC123 Posts: 14
    Very straightforward. Has done the job. Thanks
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