Cateye wireless works, but doesn't show speed

puqq Posts: 2
A week ago or so I got a Cateye Strada Wireless Slim. It worked fine initially, but yesterday it developed a strange problem.

Computer doesn't show speed below ~35km/h (shows 0 km/h, but counts distance and time). It starts showing speed above 35km/h, but then very inaccurately and doesn't go above ~42km/h (though GPS shows 60km/h+). Distance and time appear to be counted ok.

Reset didn't help. Aligning the sensor and magnet didn't change anything.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue?


  • This week my CatEye Padrone Wireless has the exact opposite problem. Speeds below ~26kph displays OK, but anything over 26kph shows "00.0kph".!! Also, now undercounts distance and time riding...