Planet x Holdsworth Corsa Superlight Disc Road Bike?

Has anyone got any experience with the above bike, it seems good value with a good groupset. Not sure if its any good due to Planet x's mixed reviews. Thanks,


  • fenix
    fenix Posts: 5,437
    I've three PX bikes. I really rate them. It's not that hard to build a decent bike.
  • shaggyone
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    If PX hasn’t changed their frame supplier for the Holdsworth frames it’s made by Pardus. The Holdsworth Super Professional is the Pardus Super 3. I have no experience with PX themselves but have ridden the Pardus Super 3 which rides extremely well. If I were in the market for a disk race bike I would buy it.
  • Giving this a bump as there's next to no non-PX info online about this bike. Does anyone have experience/a-review of the Holdsworth Corsa Superlight Disc Road Bike 2020? Quality of the finish, how it compares to the 2020 PX Pro Carbon, Ribble SL and other bikes in 2K price range etc...