Cube Pro Lite computer.

I bought the above in February last year and it's been working fine, it's had no knocks, jolts or been dropped, it was fine yesterday, the display was showing all it needed to. This afternoon, I was heading out for an east 10-12 mile ride and it was blank. Pressed the buttons, nothing, came back in the house and swapped the CR2032 battery, nothing, I tried the battery I removed the one from my car remote and it worked fine, tried a brand new one from my spares pack, still nothing. Swapped the original battery over and still nothing, can anyone give me a clue or is it Donald Ducked? It's onlt just over a year old, I have a Sigma that's had 3 batteries in it over the years and it's fine. £40 for one years use is expensive.
Cube Peloton Pro.
Genesis Core 30.