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Rejuvenating my bike!

Hi all, still riding my 15 year old Giant XTC SE - I've just ordered some new brakes and grips, what else would you do to it?


  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,420
    edited May 2020
    What do you use the bike for? If it was for commuting and canal towpaths, I would make different recommendations than if it was used for riding rough trails.
  • alexjw84alexjw84 Posts: 4
    I have two young kids so yes lots of canal paths and common land as well as some commuting :)
  • Check the tyres for age related cracks if they've not been used for a while, if check all cables and lube/replace where applicable.....
    Then bearings, check all bearings by dismantling and lube/replace as needed....
    Then go out and have fun!!!!
  • alexjw84alexjw84 Posts: 4
    Thanks Jamie
  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,420
    Check the gear shifting, any problems are usually due to the ferrules on the outer cables settling in and making it look as though the inner wire has gone slack. Just need to tighten that up with the knurled adjuster at lever end of the cable (sometimes is at the other end).
  • alexjw84alexjw84 Posts: 4
    Thanks Steve the gears are quite off trying to get into highest gear so will do
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