Endurance bike for the mountains


I am looking to upgrade my bike, a 2013 defy 1.

I am looking at the Defy Advanced Pro 2 and the Canyon Endurace CF SL 8.0 Aero as tested in the Bike of the Year 2020. Obviously the Defy won that test but I live in France in the Alps and was thinking is that really the best bike for me when I predominantly do climbing. The Endurace is a little lighter and I've heard is a good climber so perhaps that is a better choice, it also has Di2. I am looking for the Endurance geometry because I do get some back issues from time to time.

Any thoughts or recommendations?


  • sloppyschleckonds
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    Personally i tend not to ride deeper rims in high mountains and lighterweight should trump any aero gains. Would be good if either bike came in a colour other than black

    *the endurace comes in red, that'll be faster
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  • jdn
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    Totally agree on the colours, its one area where Canyon needs to up its game.

    Canyon is lighter, is aero, and has Di2, kinda is pushing me towards it.
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    If you're looking at effectively mail order with the Canyon then why not also look at Rose as an option.


    Their X-Lite Six Disc comes with Ultegra Di2 as one of the options and is only slightly more than the Canyon at £4037. At that price it comes with a 40/50 Carbon disc wheelset but you can spec the 50/50 option for the same money. There are also several other areas where you can tweak the specification to suit your needs - some at no cost while others may add to the basic cost. The quoted weight is 6.9kg so saving you about 500g over the Canyon.

    I have a rim braked X-lite Four and can confirm that their claimed weights are accurate
  • jdn
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    I rented one if the X-Lites last year while riding in Majorca, you are right you get a lot of bank for your buck. It’s not one I had thought about, they have the reveal too which is supposed to be good.
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    The Canyon is lighter, has electronic shifting and is available in red. That would swing it for me!
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    Dolan Etape, or something from Ribble?
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    Wheelbase still have some of those 2019 Dura Ace Cannondale Synapses in for £2.5k.

    With an upgrade to some nice carbon wheels that would make a fantastic bike if you weren't bothered about Di2.
  • jdn
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    I must admit I am getting drawn towards the Canyon. I think the weight saving and Di2 are giving it the edge, I thought Di2 was great when I have used it in rental bikes. Those Synapse deals are awesome value too.
  • jdn
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    The Canton has been order, cant wait!
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    jdn said:

    The Canton has been order, cant wait!

    Deliveroo or Just Eat? ;)

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    jdn said:

    The Canton has been order, cant wait!

    I hope you can wait............