Floor bike stands - need advice

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I need to store 5 mountain bikes in the shed.

I've seen them for sale on amazon.
The problem is I don't see how they can be so short spaced? How can you have bikes next to each other without clashing the handle bars?

See below for a pic of 4 bike stand...


The picture shows an odd bike with bent handle bars. Most bikes aren't like this!

I don't want to waste money buying one if its not fit for the purpose.

Or... Could it be that the way you store is put one in forwards, the next in with the rear wheel? Not sure how practical that would be.

I have a wooden shed. I'm even thinking of making wooden seperarators. Not sure how much space I should allow for each bike.

Any thoughts?



  • whyamihere
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    I used to store mine using a stand like that, using the alternating forwards and backwards method. It worked, but was pretty annoying. Instead, I attached thick planks to one of the walls, screwed some hooks to the planks, and hang the bikes from the rear wheel. The front wheels come off, and the handlebars are held at 90 degrees with some velcro straps. It's a lot easier to access any bike in the shed without having to remove any others, and takes up less floor space.

    If you do want to try the metal stand and live anywhere in the West Midlands, I don't need mine any more...
  • fenix
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    Clearly all in one direction isn't going to work. What's wrong with the tried and trusted just laying one bike down on top of the next ? Again - top and tail them. Costs nothing.
  • omarm
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    @fenix thanks for the reply.
    The problem (among others) is the kids needing to take bikes out. So need a fool proof system.

    If all in one direction doesn't work, do you store one front, one back and keep alternating?

    Else... Is one option to unscrew handle bars and have them be vertical? I didn't like the idea of always screwing and unscrewing the handle bar. But if it's a recommended thing, I'd consider.

    Let me know what you think.

  • fenix
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    If I was you if get a yoga mat and hide your bike behind it out of harm's way.

    And it's the kids bikes that get knocked...

    Having a rack would be the better idea but it will take up more space than simply stacking on top.

    It's the same principle as bike racks on cars - for three or more you need to top and tail.