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Why no love for Merida Big Seven/Nine? & Hello forum

Hello forum.

First up, after not having a MTB for years ( hybrids and road bikes ) I decided to give it a "proper" go. Bike acquired...just in time for lockdown so I can't go anywhere (apart from round the block). But as I relocated to an area with many trails within a short drive, I'm looking forward to getting out there once the covid packs off. I'll let you all know how I get on.

I got a Merida Big Seven 40 as the 2019 version was on sale and a friend of mine has had a Big Nine for a few years and loves it. My first impressions are very good, i really like it and it seems OK on the diddy jumps in the local park. But I was wondering why the "budget mountain bike" features all completely ignore the range? Spec on them seems fine for the price and my mate's experience with the frames was good. If there's interest I'll post a longer "review" of it once I've got a few trails under my belt.

Also, quick question - this is the first bike I've had with disc brakes, I've seen advice not to turn the bike upside down because air seeps into the system - how absolute is that? If i put it upside down in the back of the car for an hour driving to the trail and I going to need to bleed the brakes or is it only something to worry about if it's upside down for an extended period?
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    Any amount of air in the system makes its way to top of reservoir, when turned upside down this air makes its way down to piston or hoses a little.

    Once upright again air will rise back to top after a few pumps of the lever you will feel it 'firm up' again. Do the lever pump before you set off instead of while heading down a hill, all will be fine.
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    As above, air doesn't seep in but the little bit of air trapped inside (impossible to avoid completely) can 'float up' to the wrong place.

    As for reviews, reviews are carried out on bikes provided and annual group tests are on that years bikes. Merida have never been that generous in lending out bikes, perhaps because they own Specialized (well most of) and build them and many other bikes for other brands and maybe are prohibited from competing head on. Not sure of the current status but at one point they were making the Specialized, Carrera, Voodoo, Pinnacle and Hoy brands at least. I know my 2006 Carrera frame was notably better than the same year Rockhopper, lighter, 44mm headube etc.
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