Rear wheel is off centre? Or is it?

I've got a second hand specialized allez 2015 and it rides quite well. While servicing it I noticed that the rear wheel doesn't seem to be centred to the rear frame.

Or am I imagining this? Is that normal? It does ride well ...

Have a look at the photos.


  • kwozzymodo
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    Is the wheel axle sitting square in the dropouts?
  • ugo.santalucia
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    The wheel might be slightly off dish... might need a wheel builder to have a look... it takes fifteen minutes to get it right... 10-20 pounds?
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  • thanks for the info! what's a wheel builder?
  • drummer_boy
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    I had the same thing with a wheel where I replaced some damaged spokes recently. Dishing was out, so the wheel's with the wheel guy at my LBS, as that stretches my capabilities, and tools!
  • lesfirth
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    thanks for the info! what's a wheel builder?

    A man ( or woman ) who builds wheels. :)
  • pblakeney
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    I'd check that the wheel is positioned correctly as mentioned first.
    If the quick releases are not tight enough then you will get what you see.
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  • grahamcp
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    Is it the same all the way around? (have you spun the wheel while observing)?