Cheapest bike computer that records and displays power?

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As per the title - I've got a perfectly functioning older Joule computer but, following Quark buying out Saris, this is no longer supported and I'm unable to upload it to the training software I use. Assuming that no fix is available, what is the cheapest computer that will do the job (I don't care about GPS functionality)? One of the Brtyon models? Or something else? I think I probably need to be able to connect to a 'phone as well in to try and avoid similar problems in future (i.e. devices uploading via usb being unsupported).

Thanks in advance for any response.



  • wongataa
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    Probably a Bryton or Lezyne unit. What you need is a computer that saves the data in a standard format (.fit) which should be able to be manually uploaded to any training software/website.
  • mr.b-campag
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    Yeah they're the ones I've been looking at (+possibly a Garmin Edge 130). Anyone have any experiences with those, good or bad?