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    You can use chip fat for all I care.
    I just posted the link because it may save somebody a few quid
  • bendip
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    Special price.
    It only seems to be available via this link at the moment. Usual price £16.90 reduced to £9.90

    I am nowt do with Revolubes btw, just thought the link I got via mailshot may be of use to someone. I did check with them that it was ok to share the link so it should work.

    cheers for the link..i'll give it a workshop size bottle of squirt has a couple of hundred ml left and it's now almost double what i paid 15 months ago

    question for any converts to revolube..would i get away with a thorough degrease and wash down of a chain with 600 miles wear on prior to applying the lube..? or should i just behave and follow revolubes prep instructions like a grown up..!
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    Don't know - I used a new chain and did a full degrease letting it soak, shake and rinse several times.
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