First fs MTB advice

Hello, new to MTB like a lot of others during the circumstances, would appreciate some advice...

I am looking to get a MTB through my work cycle scheme, have set my budget at around 2k. Looking for a bit of an all rounder but mainly for trail/ mountain areas. Been advised to get a FS or I’ll regret it from locals.

Want the best bike for the money so have narrowed it down to 3 bikes..

Giant trance 2 2019
Yt jeffsy base 2020
Canyon Neuron al 7.0 2020

All are 29ers which I think will suit me best,

They all seem to be the most bike for the money and sit just over 2k in price. Can anyone help shed some light on choosing between the 3?

The jeffsy gets good reviews and has more travel on the suspension but the other two have fox suspension (which is better?) with the trance coming in slightly shorter at the rear in travel, all seem similar in the other spec but don’t have much knowledge on what’s better/worse. This years canyon comes with a price increase over last years which is sold out and I can’t see what else your getting for the money, looks similar spec.

Any info would be great and is there anything else, thanks.


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    I couldn't quickly find a link to the Trance 2019, so I can't comment on that particular bike. It is always helpful to people on here if links are provided so that we can see exactly what you are looking at.

    The YT and the Canyon are both great bikes and you should read the reviews on the internet from the bike journalists, they are not "bought by the trade", but give honest opinions. They ride so many different bikes that their views are very useful.

    Fox suspension is not better or worse than Rockshox. They both have a very wide range of suspension from budget to very high end indeed and they are very fierce competitors. Of the two quoted Fox Rhythm 34 and the Rockshox Yari RC, I would prefer the Yari. I have had suspension from both and I have been happy with both. What I know is that the Yari has 35mm diameter stanchions whereas the Rhythm has 34mm diameter. The Yari is stiffer because of that. I have seen more than a few reports that the Rhythm 34 forks are a bit flexible when pushed hard. This will be of greater importance on a 29er. In addition the Yari RC can easily be upgraded to the high performance Lyric by swapping out the damper, will cost about £220 or so. But I only told you that so you know, I would not recommend that until you feel that you need more from the Yari forks, if you ever do! Both shocks look fine to me.

    Both bikes are Sram 1x12 speed, but the Jeffsy has the bottom end SX vs the slightly higher up the range GX (I think the NX is between). They will both feel the same, but the SX will be a bit heavier. The SX will also be cheaper to replace when you need new bits.

    Both bikes are imports, both from Germany. If you have any warranty claims or problems, who will you turn to? They will both say "send the bike back to us" (at your risk and expense) while they take weeks to resolve the issue. My bet is that you will be able to get the Trance from a local dealer who will take care of all these problems for you. If the Trance has any of the components discussed here you should find the info useful. I would not worry about the slightly reduced rear travel on the Trance, I doubt that you will notice it on the trail.

    When you get your bike, make sure that you set up the suspension to make the most of it. The following link will tell you all (and more) that you need to know.

    PS: Price differences from one year to the next are often down to currency fluctuations. Mostly the bikes are not made or built in the UK, so the cost base is at risk when selling in Sterling. Usually the manufacturers are trying to hit a price point (like under €2000, or £1000 for example) because they know that bike magazines like to compare bikes at or under various price points. Sometimes they reduce the spec to continue to hit the price point despite cost increases in their supply chain, but currency fluctuations can make a mockery of it.
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    YT and Canyon are great bikes but as said warranty claims a big issue. A friend has a Giant Trance 3 if loves it and seems a good choice with no issues so far. Well equipped spec for around £2000.

    Another friend had issue with his 11 speed cassette on his YT Capra cost him a lot to send back and had no bike for a month. Then same issue again so ended up buying a new cassette and fitting himself it worked out cheaper and was fixed in half an hour.
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    2019 Trance 2 here
    I found a listing from Rutland which shows a picture to the exact same spec. -
    SLX 1x11 drivetrain, Fox 34 Rhythm and a Float DPS performance.
    Giant Dropper post included (which I like but they do need some looking after but if you do they are really reliable).
    The Giant Maestro rear suspension is superb, gives good controlled response and punches above it's nominal travel.
    Currently riding a Whyte T130C, X0 drivetrain, Magura Trail brakes converted to mixed wheel size (homebuilt wheels) with 140mm Fox 34 Rhythm and RP23 suspension. 12.2Kg.
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    Big thank you all for the replies and advice, really appreciate it!

    This is the trance I’m looking at

    There is a 2020 model however that is not on sale and over my budget at 2600, there is also this which comes in at the same price, however the 2019 looks better spec?

    Looks like I am going to go for it based on your comments, it won’t be from a local dealer as there’s no stock near me but there is giant dealers who should be able to fix any problems I presume? Which would save the chew on of having to send it back to German at my own expense..
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    The Giant Trance 29 2 2019 is £1875 from Paul's Cycles, but only Medium in stock.
    It would be my choice from the 3 bikes you have listed, @joe-sullivan.
    I am a bit of a Giant fanboy having had 8 or 9 Giants in our family over the last 10 years. I currently have a 2016 Trance 2 that has been faultless. When the time (and cash) comes to change I will probably go for a Trance 29.
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  • Yes I seen that but with the cycle scheme if a bike is on sale the shop will add 10 percent for the fee the cycle scheme charge, so bringing it to just over 2k with delivery that’s why I looked at bikes around that mark to see if there was anything better as it was going to cost the same.

    But I am going take the advice from you all and go for the giant! Looking forward to it