Should I buy a EVIL Wreckoning? Need advice

Hey, I'm kinda new to the mountain bike world and wanted to ask you guys for some help. I'm being offered a Evil wreckoning 2018 for 2200 dollars, before I buy I wanted to make sure i'm making the right decision in purchasing the bike. I have done some research and noticed Evils are very pricey and from the outside looking in, it seems like they have very good reviews overall. It seems like I'm getting a great deal but I want some outside advice before i close the deal. These are some specs the bike has already.

-2018 evil Wreckoning frame
W/rc3 shocks and rockshox lyric fork

-Brakes will be shamino zee

-rims and tires will be raceface arc 30 w/ vittora goma 2.4 tires

-x1 11 speed carbon drivetrain w/ raceface crank and raceface single chainring

-spank stem and bontrager handle bar

Please let me know if the bike is worth buying! thank you for your time & help !


  • wilberforce
    wilberforce Posts: 293
    That is a 160mm bike so it depends on what terrain you intend to ride and your level of skill.
    If you are just intending to use the bike for gentle off road, cross country or even some trail centres you will find yourself very over-biked.
    The climbs will not be fun.
  • steve_sordy
    steve_sordy Posts: 2,441
    I agree with wilberforce. In addition the bike is likely to have high end suspension and components. You may ask "where is the problem in that, I'm getting a great deal?" The problem is that they need maintenance to continue to perform well. You need to ask yourself how much you trust the person selling the bike. Has the suspension been maintained properly (ask for proof); does it even work as it should and how would you even know?

    An analogy would be someone offering you a used BMW 7 series with the 5 litre V12 engine in it, and all those electric gadgets (to go wrong). It may be a bargain to buy, but it will be expensive to run even if it never goes wrong. The servicing will be expensive and if you don't service it and it goes wrong....OUCH!

    And if all you really wanted to do with it was to commute and have a day out at the weekend, then you may have been better with a newer Honda Jazz.
  • swod1
    swod1 Posts: 1,639
    Depends again on where you will ride it, that will be too much bike for general singletrack riding or light trail use.

    You don't want to spend the money if it will turn out later to be a bike you don't like riding.