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Whyte G170 S v2 or Canyon Spectral CF 8.0

Hi guys,
I’m going to buy a new bike, I’m needing an enduro do it all bike, want to be able to smash the steep technical descents, hit jumps, cycle up to the top of the hill and plan on hitting various bike parks/trail centres.
I am stuck between the whyte g170 which sports 180f rockshox lyrik and 170r travel rockshox deluxe select whilst the spectral sports 160f fox elite performance and 150r fox dpx2 travel.

So they have 20mm difference in travel, the Whyte geometry is probably more focused for the downhill whilst maybe the spectral is more playful?

What would you choose between them?



  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,438
    The key phrase in your post is "cycle up to the top of the hill". That alone says go for the Canyon.
    Both bikes will be up to the job you outline, but the Canyon will be more versatile. Whyte are a good company and make quality kit. I used to have a T130, but even with all the good will I have towards them, I'd still choose the Canyon - despite having to import it

    Have you ridden anything like either of these bikes before, what do you ride now?
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