Garmin 130 - feedback from owners?

Hi all,

Spec looks good for what I need but wondered what feedback was like from those that have owned this unit for some time.

Common issue I've seen is battery life but this seems to be hit and miss. Planning on connecting the device for cadence and HR. How much does this impact on battery life?

Thanks in advance.


  • smethley
    smethley Posts: 45
    I had one for a few days but it wouldn't hold a charge even from new, not even for a ride of a few hours.
  • Ped29
    Ped29 Posts: 3
    Hi I've had my 130 for a few years now and it works great, I've found battery life depends on which mode of GPS it's on - keep it on GPS only and it lasts ages. I also have an app on it which shows the battery life left in % - on a ride a few months ago it was down to 10% about an hour from home and I thought there's no way it'll last and as I kept glancing down occasionally it went down to what looked like 2% then back up to 20%! It did last the whole way home so I realised that it can run quite low and keep going, for reference I had my HRM connected as well. Overall it's a great device, loads of apps available. It does have route capability built in but it's only as a 'breadcrumb trail' , I haven't used this feature yet but I did on my previous device, edge 200 and found it worked ok. I also use mine for a bit of running , I got a watch strap that allows the device to fit on using the 1/4 turn mount and thankfully it's not too large on my wrist so doesn't look to silly!
    Negatives - It once had to have a factory reset as when switching to an activity screen it went blank! This has only happened the once though. There was also an issue with the HRM dropping out but I think this is more to do with the HRM strap as I've heard of 1 or 2 others having the same issue.

    Hope all this helps!