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Tire pressures

Hi all

Getting back into mountain biking and am currently running tyres with inner tubes in ( mainly because my bike isn't tubeless ready)

The bike is a 26" diamondback hard tail from about 2010

I was wondering what tire pressures i should be running. I see people running tyre pressures around 26-28 psi whereas my bike is at around 42 ( side of the tire recommends between 35-65)

is this just because the tyre is designed to run with inner tubes or should i be running the tyres lower


  • wilberforcewilberforce Posts: 289
    edited April 2020
    42psi is fine if you are mainly cycling on tarmac but is high for any off road use.
    I would reduce to 30 as a start point and even then reduce in 2psi steps to see if you prefer lower.
    The benefit of the lower pressure is improved grip and more cushioned ride.
    Downside if you go too low is increased risk of pinch flat punctures.
    An accurate pressure gauge is a good investment
  • amoranamoran Posts: 13
    ok i will give that a try. thank you
  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,431
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    Watch this video on finding your tyre pressure sweet spot, read the script that comes with it and then go do it!

    Ignore the numbers he provides, go with the direction and general instructions.

    Following this video I went from 40+psi to below 25. What a transformation! But the actual tyre pressure for you will depend upon tyre width, tyre diameter, rim width, the weight of you and your bike, the type of tyre, whether you are tubeless or tubed, the type of tube, the trails you ride, how hard you ride and so forth.

    Such a lot to think about, yes?

    Err No! All you need is to go off how it feels. Go as low as you dare. Go low enough that you start to warp the tyres when cornering, or that you can start to feel a ding as the tyre hits the rims. Then back off a few psi at a time until none of that happens!

    Be aware that the front tyre does a different job to the rear. So it may even be different width or tyre tread. Also, the rear tyre will generally carry more load. So there is no reason to expect the tyre pressures to be the same. Once you have spent all this time and effort in discovering the correct tyre pressures for you and your bike, and at the margins, 1psi either way can make a real difference, then you don't want to leave it to thumb accuracy. So get yourself a Topeak D2 digital tyre pressure gauge.

    They suit Schrader or Presta valves and last for many years.
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