135mm hub wheels in 142mm frame?

I bought an Orange Speedwork frame last year but had a bit of difficulty acquiring wheels as front is thru axle and rear is 142mm qr. I picked up a cheap used Maddux 3 wheel which my lbs fitted when building up the bike. In hindsight I’ve no idea if it was actually 142 hub width or not.

I’m thinking I’d like a nicer wheel than the maddux and to run tubeless but looking around it’s hard to find a 142 x 12 qr wheel.

From a bit of a search it looks like I could convert a 135 hub wheel to 142 with suitable end caps, is that true? Is looking at 135 qr wheels a realistic option?

Any advice appreciated, thanks


  • whyamihere
    whyamihere Posts: 7,708
    142 QR doesn't actually exist. There may be a QR lever as part of the axle, but what you actually have is a 142x12 through axle. When you take the rear wheel off, the axle you pull out has a 12mm shaft which goes through the hub, correct?

    142x12 is one of the most common hub standards. Some hubs can be converted between 142x12 and 135mm QR, but you will easily be able to find a suitable wheel.
  • mcstumpy
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    Ah, magic. Yes, I see a lot of wheels described as 142x12. Thanks for that