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What upgrade would you make...

I’ve currently got a giant defy standard with shimano sora..

It rides spot on but what upgrade could I make or would you make to your bike to see the biggest performance advantage?


  • ibr17xviiibr17xvii Posts: 1,057
    Wheels are always a good starting point.
  • mrb123mrb123 Posts: 4,391
    A motor?
  • crescentcrescent Posts: 1,199
    Wheels are generally the best upgrade from stock equipment. Lighter or aero wheels to replace the standard items, keep them for the winter. Loads to choose from at various price points. Fulcrum and Cero are two brands that I like but there are many others.
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  • Do wheels have a weight limit as I’m not the lightest of people being an ex rugby player!
  • crescentcrescent Posts: 1,199
    I believe spoke count is important, although I'm no expert. There are some wheel builders on the forum who can probably advise in more detail with regards to material and spoke count etc. Maybe some handbuilt wheels is the way to go for you, that will ensure they are suitable for you weight.
    Bianchi ImpulsoBMC Teammachine SLR02 01Trek Domane AL3“When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race. “ ~H.G. Wells Edit - "Unless it's a BMX"
  • Ok I’ll wait and see if anyone comments.. would they still be as good as others you can buy? Would they be an upgrade still and notice a difference?!
  • slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,498
    Wheels. Fulcrum are pretty bomb proof. Others are too. But do check if they’ve given a weight limit. Another thing to change would be easier the tyres.
    Then there’s the touch points too.
  • fatted864fatted864 Posts: 67
    SRAM RED eTAP AXS Groupset for me, no faster I know. Perhaps lighter pedals and seat post, but that is only a few grams.
  • floreriderflorerider Posts: 1,112
    Sora R3000 isn't bad. Better chain and swapping the 11 28 to a 13 25 to reduce gearing gaps worked for me. Better cables when I can be bothered to do it. Proper brake pads too if you want to stop.

    13 25 on a 9 speed over winter leaves me in frustration about 11 sp starting at 11 teeth on the good bike
  • DeVlaeminckDeVlaeminck Posts: 8,638
    If it's purely performance and assuming your position is dialled in then depending on what is fitted - tyres plus latex tubes, nicer wheels - possibly aero, depending on what you wear now more aero jersey and helmet.
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  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    New sunglasses always work for me.
  • CargobikeCargobike Posts: 748
    I'm an ex-rugby player too.

    Two broken backs, not from playing rugby I might add and a ruptured ACL have ensured that getting back on a bike was a priority to fight the weight gains I had made after stopping playing competitively.

    I've recently bought my first "real" road bike and apart from changing the contact points, saddle and pedals plus a new stem to give me a better fit on the bike, the only other thing I've changed is to get some more dependable wheels built for a big bloke, I'm the best part of 18.5st, but was over 23st when I returned to bikes!!

    I looked at custom built wheels, but eventually plumped for Hope 20Five's, 32 spokes front and rear, 2 crossed. Been very impressed with them as I've done a hell of a lot of miles during lockdown, roughly 1300 miles a month and I naturally give wheels a hard time as I courier too, so potholes and kerbs are an everyday occurence.

    Both wheels still run true even with my ham fisted abuse
  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,211
    Is it a Aluxx frame Defy 3 and what year model is it? It should have 32 spoke Giant SR-2 wheels as standard, which is a good thing for you if you are heavy. The problem is that they have a narrow internal width, 15mm IIRC and though you could fit a 28c tyre to them, ideally you would use a wheel with a 17-19mm internal width. A 28c is the maximum width you could safely use on that frame/forks IMO. You would also need to check that your brake calipers have clearance for a 28c tyre. I would recommend you uprade the brake calipers to BR-5800 105 series cartridge pad type or buy replacement Swissstop BXP full flashpro cartridge pads for your stock calipers, if they are 28c compatible. So if you are going to by new wheels make sure they are a wider I.D. type, not some new old stock narrow type in a sale.
  • animal72animal72 Posts: 251
    Wheels (handbuilts) and Tyres.
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