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New bike research during lockdown

Hi all,

Newbie to the forum so apologies if I haven’t managed to find a recent thread based on this question.

As we’re in lockdown and working from home have managed to use the travel time for getting out on my bike every evening. Which has prompted me to thinking, I should look into a new bike. I currently have a Specialized Hardrock Sport, which I probably bought a decade ago (has served me well to date).

Looking to spend up to £1k and obviously unable to really test ride currently. So while I have time I can research so when I can I’m more focused.

Any advice would be really helpful.


  • mm94210mm94210 Posts: 40
    What kind of stuff are you going to be riding?
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,748
    Higher spec hardtail or lower spec full suspension?

    What sort of riding (surfaces, distance) and how (jumps, manuals, or plodding looking at the view)?

    Anything will be a good step up from a Lardrock sport.
  • Presty75Presty75 Posts: 4

    Probably looking at a hardtail rather than full susp. Won’t be riding anything too demanding.
    Just really getting back into it.

    Live near the Chiltern Hills so in and around there. Average distance would be around 15 miles. Tracks and woods. Bit of plodding if I have my little boy with me 😊

    Rookie. Definitely would be an upgrade. Not to sure about another Specialized as looking at them they appear to be expensive looking at the hardware (any thoughts?)

    I looked at the Cube reaction, Scott scale, cannondale 19 trail 3, but not fixed on any brand so all thoughts welcome.
  • Presty75Presty75 Posts: 4
    Thanks will have a look at that one. 😊
  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 976
    Voodoo are good bike as Rookie said although Halfords always try squeezing extra cash out of you for '6 week tune up' or service plans is only thing that puts me off buying from them.

    If I was starting out again I would be looking at Vitus Sentier or Nukeproof Scout 27.5" hardtails (2019 version for £1000) is also worth a look.
  • Presty75Presty75 Posts: 4
    The scout looks nice. A lot of places are out of stock so would appear everyone is doing the same as me. Thanks for the advice.
  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 976
    Enjoy the search and good luck on your new purchase.👍
  • I have £1000 to spend on my first MTB, mainly road, bit of rough terrain as there’s a big park nearby. Any recommendation. I had a look at the bizango, mambo by voodoo, boardman MHT 8.8 and 8.9, vetus Sentier
  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 976
    If I was starting out again I would be looking at Vitus Sentier or Nukeproof Scout 27.5" hardtails (2019 version for £1000) is also worth a look.

    My previous recommendation is based more on the newer bike trends for boost thru axles, 1x drivetrains and modern frame geometry rather than a specific bike. This adds up to a better, more solid riding experience and easier to replace/upgrade parts and an all round better package in my opinion.

    Vitus and Nukeproof (there are plenty of other equally good options) have these kind of specs with the added bonus of getting a lot for your money. Big online only retailers have less overheads, buy parts in bulk for a better price that they can pass on to end customer.

    Halfords being a high street retailer cannot other the same benefits for this reason, not that their bikes are bad or not as well equipped but you will pay more for the same levels of spec. etc.

  • Both are great options. Going to be difficult to find stock. None of these anywhere and no lead times. I desperately need a bike during this pandemic so I can get out
  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 976
    Heard lots of people saying the same thing. Bad timing for buying a bike as everyone is looking for one. Try looking for a good second hand one from a private seller on EBay or similar?

    A friend has been told August before he can get a new bike delivered. Can only suggest that you keep looking online and you could get lucky?

    Not sure about Halfords, etc. High street shops may have bikes in stock, I assume there all open for business. Good luck either way.
  • Searched high and low. Managed to grab a voodoo mambo to get me started and back on the bike after many years. I’m doing it through the cycle to work scheme so can’t do a used bike. Thanks for the tips though. No doubt I’ll be asking more and buying more little ad ons
  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 976
    Your welcome. Happy riding.
  • Thank you
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