Sanding Carbon Fork: Gone to far?

Hi all,

As a little Corona side project, I decided to repaint my carbon fork, as it has seen better days.
I've read a lot about how to proceed and which paints to use, and I've picked up some nice chameleon paint which will go well with my black frame. I am by all means not an expert, but I found it relatively low risk to try.

I've sanded the fork using a 400 grit paper and finished off as per paint manufacturer instructions with a 600 grit.

2 questions I have:
I have sanded the disc brake cable guide a bit too much. It now has a tiny puncture, which I will fix with some epoxy. I guess this doesn't impact the fork's integrity?

There is a small area where the carbon structure became visible. Would that be an issue?

Thanks for your input. I will post pics once the paint job is complete.


  • masjer
    masjer Posts: 2,564
    What you have done looks correct (from what I can see from the pics)- just enough to provide a good key for the new paint. The pinhole was probably a small void in the original layup.