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Tubeless advice

I currently have a Giant Tough road 2018

Running the stock Giant sycamore S gravel tyres 29 x 2.0

Rims Giants own brand Tubeless compatible rims at 19mm internal

So they will need rim taping 1st

So looking what rim tape?

And running the WTB ByWay 700 x 44

I run 50psi rear, 45psi front as a bit chunky at the moment

Is that rim wide enough for that size of tyre when tubeless?

WTB's are 50psi max

What max PSI's should I been looking at?

Stans no tubes race sealant seems to get good reviews?

What did you find out that you wish you have known 1st?
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  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,811
    Any rim tape, but don't go too thick on proper tubeless rims as it makes it harder to get the tyre on and tougher to seat the bead.

    Rim is plenty wide enough, I've had 2.25" on a 17mm internal rim no issues.

    Tyre pressure is dependant on usage and personal prefernce and the surface you ride on, personally I'd be starting at 40-45psi for off road work.

    Sealant, lots of comparison reviews, go read/watch them, Stans isn't the best IMO but name any sealant and someone somewhere will tell you that one IS the best even though they almost certainly haven't tried all options anyway!
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  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,438
    This link will answer the tyre/rim fit question

    Pretty much any latex sealant will do the job. I use Continental Revo sealant as it contains no ammonia (ammonia can rot some tyres, I have been told). Latex sealants also seal the sidewalls of any tyres that isn't tubeless or tubeless ready. It is easy to use, but sticky if you damage your tyre and have to fit a tube. Latex sealants also dry out with time and need topping up every 3-6 months. If you let it dry out the puncture proofing feature disappears.

    What I wish I'd known before attempting going tubeless?

    # Tyres that are not proper tubeless or tubeless ready (TLR) have porous sidewalls and need a latex sealant.
    # As a minimum you need a track pump and not be at risk of a heart attack to inflate the tyre.
    # That I had watched more "how-to" videos.
    # That I should have removed the valve core before inflating the tyre. The valve core reduces the air flow that pushed the tyre beads not the rim. Once the beads are engaged you can refit the cores and set your tyre pressure.
    # That the bang when the beads engage can be very loud!
    # That I had bought an Airshot tubeless tyre inflater before even attempting it.
  • cirian75cirian75 Posts: 95
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